Whether you are working with corporate datasets, or academic research, or wanting to go offline or mobile, integrating GEO or full-text search, JSONified has your data needs in hand:
Offline, onsite, in-house or hosted.

Ensure your team and partners have up-to-date information, whether connected or not. Get a leap on your competitors, or comply with open data legislation. JSONified's unique technology proposition, based on Apache CouchDB, will save you time and trouble.
Get on the front foot today.

We design web-standard JSON APIs that integrate cleanly and robustly into your business processes, working with your tools - whether Perl, Python, or Node.js, integration is just a library away.

Full-text search and indexing are provided through CouchDB-Lucene or ElasticSearch, both based on the industry standard Apache Lucene engine.

JSONified: Open your Data to the Web. And Relax.

Making your data and APIs available on the internet is a requirement of doing business in today's environment. Whether you want to enable closer integration with selected business partners, or release a large corpus of public data and results, JSONified takes away the pain of migration and integration, with specialist consulting and services using leading-edge internet technologies to meet your Open Data Objectives.

No matter what your requirements are, JSONified is here to help:

  • Facilitate OpenData movement, or comply with civil or governmental legislation
  • Securely enable real-time access within your corporate network
  • Enabling collaboration amongst researchers and remote workers.

JSONified provides architecture, implementation and ongoing support for Apache CouchDB and its ecosystem. As a core project committer, I have an intimate knowledge of CouchDB and its ecosystem, as well as a strong support network whether you are developing, or operating, CouchDB infrastructure.

Put your data with those who need it, and free yourself from the shackles of publishing Open Data.